All dogs participating in the RACEDOG EUROPEAN OPEN 2023 must be vaccinated against rabbies at least 21 days before the race in the case of primary vaccination. The vaccination must be valid on the day of the race with the vet's stamp and vaccination stickers in the dog's passport. This also applies to dogs that are in the race area, but do not start.
Dog age: All disciplines from 18 months.

To veterinary control You should bring: the dog and dog passport.

Please remember that You must send dog passport photos with vaccination stickers to e-mail: till 16.09.2023.
Please remember that for nordic disciplines You must send dog pedigree documents to e-mail: till 16.09.2023.

Please note that drinking water for dogs will not be available at the competition area. Please take it with you. There is access to nice and clean lake just at the stake-out.

After registration, You can’t change discipline, but You can change a dog 24 hours before race. To change a dog You have to do it in written form writing to e-mail: with new dogs passport photos with vaccination stickers.