In "Stake out" area will be 24/7 organizers tent from 22.09.2023. 11.00 am till 24.09.2023 20.30 pm.
In "Stake out" area will not be available electricity, showers and drinking water. In "Stake out" area will be toilets.
23.09.2022. - 24.09.2022. There will be a trade area at the race where you can buy sleddog equipment, dog food, snacks, food and drinks and local craftsmen handicrafts.

Please note that drinking water for dogs will not be available at the competition area. Please take it with you. There is access to nice and clean lake just at the stake-out.

The place of the competition is located near the village of Garkalne. There are 2 grocery stores, a post office, a pharmacy, as well as a railway station from which you can get to both the city of Sigulda and the city of Riga. Cars can be parked free of charge at the railway station.
The price of a train ticket to Sigulda: 1,43 EUR. Ticket price for a dog: 0,43 EUR.
The price of a train ticket to Riga:  1,43 EUR. Ticket price for a dog:  0,43 EUR
Please note that the dog needs to wear a "soft muzzle" while on the train. (Info:

Nearest gas station:
"Latvijas Nafta" - Rīgas–Siguldas šoseja 4a, Bergi, Garkalne district
"Circle K" - Rīgas-Siguldas šoseja 1, Bergi, Garkalne district

Nearest grocery store:
"Lats" - Vidzemes šoseja 13, Garkalne
"Aibe" -  Vidzemes šoseja 1B, Garkalne

Nearest pet food store (DIY store):
"DEPO" - Rīgas-Siguldas šoseja 6, Bergi, Garkalne district

Nearest pharmacy:
"Mēness Aptieka" - Vidzemes šoseja 18, Garkalne

Nearest clinic for humans:
"Jugla, VCA poliklīnika" - Juglas iela 2, Rīga
Working hours:
Monday-Friday: 08:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 09.00 - 15.00
Sunday: closed

Nearest veterinary clinic:
"Kavet" - Brīvības iela 347, Riga (phone: +371 67543421)
Working hours: Every day: 08:00 - 22.00

"Anivet" - Juglas iela 51, Riga (phone: +371 27654645)
Working hours:
Monday-Friday: 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 09.00 - 17.00
Sunday: closed

Nearest post office:
"Latvijas pasts" - Vidzemes šoseja 1D, Garkalne
Working hours:
Monday-Friday: 08:00 - 15:00
Saturday-Sunday: closed